To Italian Marxist–Leninist Party (PMLI)

Dear comrades,

We would like to extend our proletarian greetings to your Party on the occasion of the Mao Commemoration event you organised late Sunday in Florence.

It is important to invoke the spirit of international solidarity when the imperialists are trying to divide the peoples of the world. In Russia, it is dangerous to even discuss the special military operation. This summer, a very mild-spoken and reformist politican Boris Kagarlitsky (his political convictions could be described as a democratic socialist) was thrown into jail for a blogpost he wrote previous year. There is an ongoing international campaign for his release.

The danger of the new imperialist war is immense, and all progressive and democratic forces should unite in the struggle to prevent it. Our German comrades, MLPD, recently hosted an important event, the first conference of the Antiimperialist and Antifascist United Front. The communists (Maoists) should be the leading force in the struggle for peace, according to the concrete conditions in each country. It is very sad that instead of unity, the communist movement was even more divided after the February 24th, when some parties took a one-sided position to support one imperialism against another while the others remained internationalists. This situation reflects the ongoing crisis of revisionism, which was never able to regain its influence in most countries after the defeat in 1989-1991.

As Maoists, we should concentrate our efforts on mass work, go to the workers, women, youth, oppressed nationalities, support their struggles and unite them around the proletarian cause. The fascists gained a lot of ground from communists exactly because communists abandoned mass work. Through mass work, study of concrete conditions in each country, criticism and self-criticism, we must re-found communist parties in our countries, fight sectarianism, dogmatism, isolation from the masses, defeatism and other wrong trends. It is important to work together with all Maoist, Marxist-Leninist, democratic and progressive forces on the basis of the united front (unite around common cause, do not forget about principles).

The world today stands at crossroads and a new revolutionary upsurge is imminent. The imperialist-capitalist system is in deep crisis. The imperialists are trying to prevent revolution by unleashing series of local wars and eventually another global war. The communists must utilise this objective conditions and overcome their subjective weaknesses.

Russian Maoist Party (
September 16th, 2023