Documents in this section represent the views of the Russian Maoist Party (RMP) over a course of more than 20 years and do not necessarily reflect our current stand. They are published below mostly in chronological order starting with Party founding documents from early 2000s to current times.

Most of the old documents contain reference to Maoism.Ru — this was our original Party website lost due to conflict with Oleg Torbasow and his removal from the Party in 2022. Section contains many articles written by him, but it should be noted that they are quite contrary to his current views which he continues to publish on his now personal website Maoism.Ru (see English section there).

Ideological differences with Torbasow were one reason why the new website was needed. Another reason was that old website was rather hard to navigate. In our English section, we included only the most important documents explaining our views and our work to international audience and presented them on a single page. We will continue to develop this section and add more translations.

To contact us, please write to rusmaoparty@protonmail.com