A Cult of “the Blessed Soviet Realm”

Written by Oleg Torbasow during 2000s, first published on Maoism.Ru

“…USSR was the greatest anti-empire, the global center of the good, which the destruction of colonial system, getting of national independence, general social progress would be impossible without, and, in general, all the best, progressive and advanced was in our world, which guarantor was just USSR. Now without USSR nobody can stop imperialist reaction longer, going at all directions from universal reducing of political and economic gains of working people to creation of new colonial empires” (D. Yakushev. Whether the imperialists will choke?).

It would be possible to say that Yakushev doesn’t believe for the strength of proletariat and nations of the world which are supposedly unable to do any “best, progressive and advanced” at all without USSR (it hasn’t fabricated by me, but has written by him!). However, it seems, all is easier. It’s a new religion, a millenarianism’s version.

However – what’s the hell! Was it not USSR that made huge efforts to split of the communist movement and isolate of Marxist-Leninist forces in the sixties, what resulted naturally to the defeat of the revolution of 1967–1969?!

It was contrary to USSR millions of Chinese were rising for the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, European youth were rebelling, Peruvian and Indian began guerrilla wars. Red Guards on the Far East and communists-Sholay in the Afghan were dying of Soviet bullets. Those who were daring to criticize the Soviet system from the left, were imprisoned and “inhospitaled” – they weren’t wait in the West as those who criticized it from the right.

Early, Leninist (and Stalinist – despite of erroneous 30%!) Soviet Union was the symbol of progress and hope of all progressive humynkind. Just for this reason it became especially vile having betraid revolution and covered from critics with a revisionist rags. Relics of socialism at Khrushchov-Brezhnev epoch only emphasize grandiosity of fall.

The Soviet empire is dead but the revolution is alive. The choice is clear.

D. Zhutayev, RMP

The note on the name of this file (“Sovietesse_cult”)

…I’ll explain for those who isn’t a tolkienist or a Thomas Hardy’s poetry’s fan (I am). Oleg thought up this catchword meaning Eng. Westernesse – mythic land, Blessed “Western Realm”. Tolkien used this catchword for Númenor.

But Sovok is Sovok, however hard you may name.

As our comrades within ALO say, “History has brilliantly borne out the soundness and accuracy of the anti-Soviet orientation of Mao Zedong and all anti-revisionist revolutionaries”.

D.Zh., Anti-Sovietist, Anti-Zionist аnd the hater of every and all sorts of “blessed realms” at all